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Apparel Shoot for Mission Workshop

During the last year or so, Flipside Studios has been providing dramatic product photography and 360° demos of many backpacks and bag styles for our client, MIssion Workshop.

Now it's apparel time! For our latest project, we photographed laydowns of new jackets, shirts, and pants. These products will be launching soon.




360° Product Spins for Mission Workshop

Our client, Mission Workshop asked Flipside to make 360° GIF spins for some of their backpack products. 360° photography is a valuable and engaging way to show customers the quality and features of uniquely designed products on any mobile or other devices.

It was a bit of a styling and rigging challenge, but the results were great - if we do say so ourselves! Check a couple of the spins out:

Mission Workshop Arkiv® Minimalist R2 20L Pre-Built Backpack

Mission Workshop Arkiv® Minimalist R2 20L Pre-Built Backpack

Mission Workshop Arkiv® Explorer R6 40L Pre-Built Backpack

Mission Workshop Arkiv® Explorer R6 40L Pre-Built Backpack

New Baby Sleep Device Product Photos


Flipside recently worked again with Bay Area based Adaptive Sound Technologies (ASTI) producing product photos for the launch of their newest device, the LectroFan Kinder. The small device plugs into an outlet, and with a smarphone app, parents can choose between a variety of soothing sounds and colors of light.

See the images on the ASTI website.

Adaptive Sound Technologies videos and product photos

Working with marketing firm Parker-Lambert, Flipside has been helping Bay Area based Adaptive Sound Technologies (ASTI) improve the quality of their marketing content with product videos and still product photos for display on retail ecommerce sites like and Amazon.

ASTI was founded in 2008 and makes the best-selling sound machines for improving sleep. ASTI website.


New Client, Mission Workshop - SF maker of technical bags and apparel

Flipside is excited to be providing product photography for our new client, Mission Workshop, based in San Francisco. Founded in 2009, the company is having great success with their line of high quality USA made "technical lifestyle cycling bags and apparel".

Mission Workshop's goal is to replace their current website product photography with images that are more consistent in look and styling, and have dramatic and edgy lighting. Styling soft goods like messenger bags and backpacks for product photos can be very challenging. Maintaining a consistent shape from item to item is not an easy task, but with skill, patience, and the right materials, Flipside has been able get good results.

Check out our work on Mission Workshop's beautiful website here.